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7 chocolate whisky cocktails to drink all year long

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Yep you heard it here first. Whisky and chocolate are the ultimate cocktail combination.

From boozy shakes to cocoa hot toddies, we’ve put together a shortlist of our favourite chocolate cocktails, each made with Ballantine’s whisky for an extra dosing of smooth, warming sweetness.

So get your cocktail shaker (and chocolate stash) out, because here are the best chocolate whisky drinks.

How to mix whisky and chocolate

There’s a few ways to combine whisky and chocolate together in a cocktail. Chocolate liquor, hot chocolate powder, melted chocolate or chocolate flavoured spirits and bitters. Really, it depends on the recipe. Take a look below to get inspiration on how to make a chocolate whisky cocktail.

chocolate whisky cocktail recipes

Whisky Hot Chocolate

We’re kicking off with a classic… a mug of hot cocoa, spiked with the sweet, spiced notes of Ballantine’s Finest. Our whisky chocolate drink is seriously comforting on cold evenings and a real crowd pleaser for a cosy night in.

Use our recipe to get the ratio just right before making it your own with toppings galore. You can’t go wrong with marshmallows, whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles. Or go wild with nuts, coconut, mint or cinnamon sticks. 

Your turn to host? Discover our guide to setting up a boozy hot chocolate bar that’ll get you in your guests’ good books.

Whisky Hot Chocolate - Scotch Cocktail Recipe

Whisky Hot Chocolate

This whisky hot chocolate is a sweet tooth’s dream…  throw on all your favourite toppings, there’s no such thing as too much!

Whisky Flip Recipe - Whisky & Amaretto Cocktail

Whisky Flip

Our Whisky Flip recipe is rich, creamy and delicious aka the perfect combination to get you in the festive mood. Whip one of these up and you’ll be on everyone’s nice list!


Chocolate Whisky Flip

A whisky flip is a deliciously creamy cocktail that’s perfect for adding a cocoa twist to. Whisky, Amaretto liqueur and egg make the base of this recipe, shaken with ice until it’s super light and frothy. 

For even more richness, add in a pour of chocolate liqueur and dust with grated chocolate. It’s the ultimate cocktail to sip between bites of your favourite chocolate bar.

Scots Chocolate Coffee

Need a caffeine kick? If you like espresso martinis, you’ll love this highball. Our beloved coffee cocktail is an adventurous mix of whisky, espresso and cream soda for an added bit of spritz. Plus a shot of chocolate for good measure.

Add chocolate liqueur to our espresso whisky cocktail recipe for extra rich sweetness. Perfect for an after dinner pick me up, or to kick off the party in style.

espresso and cream soda whisky cocktail - Ballantine's

Scots Coffee

Your new favourite cocktail has entered the chat… This is one for the adventurous Highball seeker. There’s no Espresso Martini’s around here… we like our coffee cocktails with whisky and an added spritz.


Chocolate Old Fashioned

The Old Fashioned is one of those cocktails you can make time and time again, adding a new twist to suit your mood. This time around we’ve gone full on chocolate.

Take our classic whisky old fashioned recipe and add a small serve of chocolate liqueur or syrup to the mix. This will add a touch of smooth sweetness to compliment the spiced notes of Ballantine’s Bourbon Barrel Finish.

If you want less of the sweet and more of the richness that comes from dark cocoa, swap out orange bitters for chocolate bitters. And if you’re feeling super indulgent, melt your favourite bar around the rim of the glass and leave to cool. You’ll get extra cocoa with every sip.


Whisky Chocolate Shake

Who wants dessert? Who wants a drink? We’ve got a recipe that can do both. Our whisky milkshake is as over the top as cocktails come, made with warming scotch whisky, vanilla ice cream, milk and liquid chocolate. 

But what makes this chocolate drink extra special is the garnish. There’s no wrong way to top off your creation… cookies, chocolate chips, popcorn… you name it. Go as big and sweet as you want.

Want chocolate on top of chocolate? Swap out vanilla for chocolate ice cream, chunks of brownies encouraged.

Chocolate Atholl Brose

This oats-so-simple cocktail is a classic Scottish drink that is classically sipped during Hogmanay and Burns Nights celebrations. The mix of Ballantine’s 12 Year Old whisky, oatmeal water and Drambuie is sweetened with honey and a dollop of cream. But this year we’re adding chocolate to the mix.

Follow our recipe for an Atholl Brose, adding a spout of chocolate liqueur with the whisky and Drambuie.

Atholl Brose - Scotch Whisky Cocktail Recipe

Atholl Brose

This Scottish classic is oats-so-simple. Whip this up after a dinner party to really up your hosting game.


Cocoa Hot Toddy

Ready for another chocolate twist on a whisky classic? Go on then. Meet the cocoa hot toddy

If you thought this cocktail couldn’t get anymore comforting you’d be wrong. This extra cosy variation swaps lemon juice for your favourite hot chocolate mix to make a drink that’ll get you through the coldest of nights. Stir the powder into the boiling water with whisky and honey – you’ll be toasty in no time. 

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