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Get Ready for the FA Cup Final Night with 5 Easy Cocktail Ideas

ballantines finest summer pitcher drink

The FA cup final is the perfect excuse for a get together with friends and a cocktail. Not that you ever really need an excuse. 

Whether you’re a diehard Liverpool fan, Chelsea fan, or a neutral spectator, the electric atmosphere of this historic knockout football competition gets even the mildest of football fans on their feet, and reaching for the bar cart.

A knockout football competition deserves to be paired with some knockout football game drinks. And we’ve got a few to get you started.

Read on for a diverse array of football game drinks that will tantalise the taste buds of every footie fan during this year’s FA cup final.

Berry Beer


You’ll most likely include beer when thinking of football game drinks. And while we love a good pint as much as the next football fan, we believe a lager can be elevated with Ballantine’s Finest whisky

This brings us to the Berry Beer –  a beautifully bubbly combination of Ballantine’s, beer and blueberries (try saying that five times).

Both beer and whisky have subtle malty notes which, while nuanced in their own respect, pair together surprisingly well. You can pick your favourite lager to go with this tipple, and experiment with what tastes best.

Add the blueberries to the shaker and crush with a muddler. Then bring in the Ballantine’s, lemon juice and honey. Fill the shaker with ice and shake well for a good 30 seconds to one minute. Finally, strain into an ice-filled glass and top up with a beer of your choice.

Sweet, refreshing and ideal for the FA cup final. 

ballantines berry beer drink

Berry Beer

Ballantine’s, Beer & Blueberries? There’s no wrong way.


Passion & Orange Fanta 


Lots of us have fond childhood memories of watching football, including the FA cup. Or maybe you played for a team as a child and can recall weekend football matches with muddy football boots and grass stained kits.

What we’re getting at is that football has a nostalgic quality. The sound of the crowd cheering, the linesman’s whistle and the commentators’ chat can all take us back to simpler times.

Therefore, a nostalgic football game drink needs to be on your list. And the Passion & Orange Whisky Fanta fits the bill perfectly.

This whisky cocktail couldn’t be simpler and gives you bags of flavour in just a few ingredients. It’s a concise lesson in how whisky can be as playful as you want it to be. 

Fill up your favourite highball glass (or alternatively, one you don’t mind getting knocked about if things get a little… passionate) with ice and pour in a shot of Ballantine’s Passion. Next, simply top up with Fanta and finish by adding your orange slice garnish.  A totally tropical football game drink that puts an adult spin on a childhood favourite.

passion orange fanta ballantines

Summer Pitcher


A pitcher is a great option for football games drinks. You can whip one up in no time and then let friends help themselves, as even the keenest of amateur bartenders needs time out to watch the game.

Our Summer Pitcher is sure to keep your friends happy during the FA cup final, and give you a break from the bar cart.

Fill a jug with 15-20 ice cubes, then add a handful of lemon slices and halved grapes. Next, pour in 100ml of Ballantine’s Finest, plus the fresh lemon juice and Lillet Blanc. Top up with 400ml of lemonade, give the mixture a stir, and enjoy.

Feel free to up the measurements if you’re catering for a large crowd, or make several pitchers – we assure you they won’t go to waste.



The Boulevardier is a serious upgrade of the classic Negroni. 

We swap the gin for Ballantine’s 12 Year Old – a rich, golden whisky with multifaceted flavours of honey, floral notes and creamy oak.

Negronis are traditionally enjoyed as an aperitif, or before a meal, and this football game drink is a great one to serve before you bring out the snacks or throw the shrimp on the BBQ. 

But you know that we don’t believe in always sticking to the rules, so feel free to indulge in a Boulevardier at any point during the big game.

Add a block of ice to your glass – we recommend a rock style glass, but any short tumbler will do. Pour in the whisky, campari and Byrrh and stir carefully. Finish with the orange zest garnish, and savour this delicious whisky spin on a classic.

ballantines finest 12 boulevardier 2


Upgrade a Negroni by swapping out Gin for our Ballantine’s 12 Year Old Whisky and mix up the Boulevardier. Our favourite kind of remix


Ballantine’s & Cola


Whisky cocktails don’t have to be complicated, especially during the tensest parts of the match.

Keep this quintessential whisky cola recipe at hand during the FA cup final and you’ll always have a drink that’s ready to please in no time.

Fill a highball glass with plenty of ice and add in a shot of Ballantine’s. Top up with cola and give it a stir. For an extra touch, run a wedge of lime around the rim of the glass and then add it to the drink before serving.

A short and sweet football game drink recipe that you can always rely on.

The FA cup final is an ideal opportunity to brush up on your whisky cocktail making skills and treat your friends to a memorable night of great drinks and good vibes, whatever the result may be.

Whoever you’re rooting for, we’re rooting for them too. 

ballantines finest whisky cola

Whisky & Coke

Two’s company and three’s a crowd pleaser. Mix up this three ingredient classic to kick off a night with friends.

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You already know we’ve nailed the Finest Whisky to ever grace a glass. But that’s just a little drop of what we’re about. Scroll on for the latest news and features from across the world of Ballantine’s whisky, True Music and much, much more.



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