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Highball Season: Refreshing Fizzy Serves For All

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Haven’t you heard? Highball Season is officially here.

For those who are wondering “what even is a whisky highball?”, let’s set the scene. Traditionally highballs are cocktails that use a spirit base with a non-alcoholic, carbonated mixer, served on ice, in a tall glass. Some of the classics you may already be familiar with are the G&T or a Vodka & Cranberry.

If we throw it way back, we know that highballs have been enjoyed since the late 1800s, but generally spirits were leveled up by just adding a little soda water. Highballs are super simple to make, and go down an absolute treat for whisky connoisseurs and newbies alike.

Fun fact: The origins of the “highball” glass is rumored to have developed from bartender slang, because these thirst-quenching, long whisky drinks were quite literally served in a “high” (tall) glass!

Now, we already know there’s no wrong way to mix, so when it comes to whisky highballs using Ballantine’s, the possibilities are endless. If you ask us, if there’s fizz, it counts.

Highballs aren’t just for sipping on in Summer (although they are perfect for cooling off a sunny afternoon), ordering one at the bar whatever the weather for a longer, refreshing way to enjoy Ballantine’s will really add a spritz to your night.


We’ve picked out a few of the best using Ballantine’s Finest and a selection of mixers and garnishes so there’s something for every occasion. Try serving these fizzy whisky highball cocktails next time your mates are in town and remember, there is no rule book here.

ballantines whisky soda

Ballantine’s & Soda

They don’t come easier than this. Just mix together Ballantine’s Finest with soda water, pop in a garnish of your choice and you’re good to go. A perfectly refreshing whisky highball for any occasion; at the bar or at home, rain or shine.

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ballantines whisky cola

Ballantine’s & Cola

Whisky & Cola is a tale as old as time… Doing it with Ballantine’s Finest will make you the MVP of the night. A classic whisky mixer for those looking to enter into the world of highballs.

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ballantines grapefruit highball

Ballantine’s & Grapefruit

Ready, set, spritz! Try this fizzy, fresh & fruity Ballantine’s cocktail that’ll keep the party bubbling all night long. If you fancy making things a little funky, then pop in a cocktail umbrella or a colourful paper straw, and enjoy!

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ballantines whisky ginger ale

Ballantine’s & Ginger Ale

Kick things up a little with a Highball that doesn’t hold back on flavour and is beloved by whisky fans the world over. Ginger Ale & Ballantine’s is the ultimate iconic duo that never disappoints.

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iced green tea highball

Iced Green Tea Highball

An easy recipe to mix up at home, The Green Tea Highball is the perfect blend of green tea, soda and Ballantine’s Finest… This seriously delicious whisky drink with an added caffeine kick tastes even better when enjoyed with mates. Sound like your cup of tea?

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scotch coffee

Scotch Coffee

Your new favourite cocktail has entered the chat… This is one for the adventurous Highball seeker. There’s no Espresso Martini’s around here… we like out coffee cocktails with whisky and an added spritz.

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If that list has got you feeling inspired and ready to get your mixologist on at home, grab yourself a bottle of Finest and get creative. Make sure to tag us in your creations on Instagram.

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You already know we’ve nailed the Finest Whisky to ever grace a glass. But that’s just a little drop of what we’re about. Scroll on for the latest news and features from across the world of Ballantine’s whisky, True Music and much, much more.



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