Episode 10: Ballantine’s True Music Series x Kid Fonque Presents We House Sundays Crew

We House Sundays has been building well-thought out, culture-focused events inspired by the music and people that queue to be a part of it all. Each founder has brought their own set of unique skills and industry knowledge to the party, which is what makes this collaboration so epic. Lawrence Dix, Leighton Moody and Cassiem Latief are well-travelled, experienced heavyweights in their own right. And they know a thing or two about hosting more than just a great party.

In episode 10 of True Music Exchange, host Kid Fonque got a chance to sit down with the crew to chat about their initiative and what they’re doing to keep the dream alive.

The interview is followed by a live recording of their #TrueMusicSeries set in Cape Town.

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