Ballantine's Stay True: There's No Wrong Way Ballantine's Stay True: There's No Wrong Way

When you STAY TRUE to who you are. When you turn off society’s expectations...

There’s no wrong way to live

Launching worldwide in over 20 markets from this month, 'Stay True: There's No Wrong Way' is Ballantine's biggest and most disruptive campaign in recent years and forms part of the brand’s ambition to open up the Scotch whisky category to new fans and cement its position as the accessible whisky for everyone. The campaign encourages people to live life the way they want to by staying true to who they are, reflecting the brand's DNA of celebrating self-expression, pioneered by founder George Ballantine who was doing things his own way and breaking the conventional codes of whisky as far back as 1827.

The new campaign features a diverse and eclectic array of real characters in place of actors across all its touchpoints, including friends of the brand and cameos from people scouted on location. With a cast reflecting Ballantine's motto 'a friend to all mankind' which has been written on the crest of every bottle for over 100 years, appearances include South Africa’s very own, Johannesburg-based dance collective IDA (Indigenous Dance Academy) who previously featured in Ballantine’s Stay True South Africa: A Dancing Nation documentary.

The campaign film takes viewers on a journey through areas of life demonstrating how liberating it can be to know that, despite societal expectation, you can choose to live your life how you want; all you have to do is stay true to you and when you do - There’s No Wrong Way.

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After all, there’s no wrong way.