Boiler Room x Ballantine’s True Music South Africa

South Africa has no shortage of talent and maverick artists, and Boiler Room x Ballantine’s is the perfect platform to bring their craft to the people, and the world. We believe these events are more than just incredible parties, they are sonic journeys that will be a part of South African music history. So, go experience the music that is inspired by the people and the cities of Joburg, Durban and Cape Town. Relive each Boiler Room x Ballantine’s True Music event right here.


For the first edition of Boiler Room x Ballantine’s #TrueMusic Tour we hit the streets of Jozi. It was a jump, we couldn’t have picked a better way to start things off! Our homies in Jozi didn’t come through to play games. They embraced and celebrated upcoming artists and the ones who have been changing the game for a hot minute. And, the artists… well, trust us when we say that the line-up set the bar high for the rest of the tour.



Durban…the capital of gqom - the electronic dance music style that emerged in Durban’s townships in 2010, in upcoming experimental producer and DJs’ homes, and quickly found its way onto the streets. Durbs hosted the second leg of the Boiler Room x Ballantine’s True Music Tour. We found new members of our tribe and reconnected with old ones. Yes, we partied in the name of gqom, and once the music started people went from 0 to 100 quick fast.


Cape Town

Cape Town has a rich history of rap and hip hop, and legends like Prophets of Da City and Ready D pioneered a truly unique hip hop sound with messages of struggle but also triumph. So, it made sense that the final Boiler Room x Ballantine’s True Music event was hosted in The Mother City with a new generation showing off their skills and craft, with new rhymes that brought the heat on that Wednesday night.