Ballantine's True Music Moscow Ballantine's True Music Moscow

Once more for the techno freaks. We’ll be back in Moscow to celebrate the sounds and spirit of True Music in the streets of the city with one of our Boiler Room x Ballantine’s shows on the 28th February 2019.

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28 Feb 2019


True Music Moscow

We’re back in Russia on the 28th February for a night to showcase the best of Moscow’s underground music scene with a show full of the finest of techno’s DJ tricks and record tricks.

On the bill we have local talent Buttechno and Shadowax, both known for their refreshing takes on the techno continuum. Also in the mix we have some key protagonists of reinvention such as Karenn’s (live) and Bambounou who’ll be giving us a preview of the new material he’s releasing this year. Check out the full line-up below:


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As part of our commitment to champion pioneering artists, Ballantine’s True Music will also put those behind-the-scenes at the forefront, collaborating at a grassroots level to ensure local music scenes thrive across the globe.

In Moscow, we spent time with Natasha Abelle, the founder of iconic arts institution Arma 17, Sergey Golikov, who founded Rabitza (the infamous club that was shut down by authorities in 2017), bass producer A-Fruit, and others at the forefront and deeply rooted in the thriving DIY economy in the city.

Together, they make up the voices in our two-part documentary which looks at the ever-changing electronic music scene in the city. The challenges facing the scene such as the growing commercial interests, negative public perception of nightclubs and the string of venue and event closures due to it. Among these stories we also hear about the retaliation coming up through the underground, and the strong community bonds that continually fight to push boundaries and build bigger in the music scene.

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