Not just for lovers but for all whisky lovers

Love it or hate it, when February comes around there’s no escaping Valentine’s Day. Red roses, pink satin and candlelight, calls for intimate dates nights are everywhere. But we’ve never been one to turn down a good excuse to shake up a whisky cocktail, so we say: if you can’t beat them, let’s get the whisky pouring and join them.

Enter Ballantine’s Day. We’re opening up the day of luuurrrve to anyone who wants to celebrate with dates or mates. We’ve got cocktails to go with chat up lines so you can get your night going whether you’re serving up for your plus one’s, two’s, three’s and beyond:


Romeo & Juliet’s got nothing on this sweet pairing. Mix up a Ballantine’s and Ginger for proof that the course of true love can run smooth, and sweet with a little bit of ginger kick too.
Mix it up:
• 50ml Ballantine’s Finest
• Ginger ale
• Cubed ice
• Lime wedge
• Fill a highball glass with ice and pour in a shot of Ballantine’s.
• Top up with ginger ale and stir.
• Squeeze and drop in a large wedge of lime to serve.

For the Sweet to your Sour

They say opposites attract, so if you’re looking to mix something up for the ying to your yang, the ping to your pong, look no further than the Ballantine’s Sour.
Mix it up:
• 50ml Ballantine’s Finest
• 20ml sugar syrup
• 12.5ml lime juice
• 1 egg white
• Cubed ice
• Fill a rocks glass or whisky tumbler with ice and place to one side.
• Grab a cocktail shaker and add your ice cubes, Ballantine’s, lime juice, sugar syrup and egg white.
• Shake it up.
• Remove the ice from your chilled rocks glass. Place a strainer over the shaker and pour. Garnish with Glacé Cherries get stuck in.


If You're Planning On Staying Up All Night

For good or bad, love may have kept you up at night once or twice before. Try out our riff on the Espresso Martini to discover a whole new whisky love to keep you up at night on Ballantine’s Day:
Mix it up:
• 35ml Ballantine’s Finest
• 15ml coffee liqueur
• 30ml chilled espresso
• 5ml sugar syrup
• Fill a shaker with ice
• Pour in Ballantine’s Finest, coffee liqueur, chilled espresso and simple syrup
• Shake it up
• Pour into a Martini glass and serve with a few coffee beans