Boiler Room x Ballantine's | Warsaw Boiler Room x Ballantine's | Warsaw

Our Take A Stand for True Music tour continues as we head to Warsaw for the latest Boiler Room x Ballantine’s session. Featuring nothing but the very best selectors and rappers coming through the burgeoning local Hip-Hop scene, get ready for a storming session with only the most fire beats and bars.

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26 Mar 2020



Poland’s capital city is seeing something of a musical revolution. In recent years, Polish hip-hop has risen from an underground movement to country-wide phenomenon, transcending what some would consider ‘low brow’ origins to become one of the country’s most prominent chart-topping genres. Warsaw is at the epicentre of this evolutionary movement.

The city’s industrial urban landscape is the perfect backdrop for the diverse sounds of a new generation of individuals and collectives countering mainstream voices and values. The end result is a community of artists who challenge the mainstream understanding of hip-hop to produce their own unique sounds, straight from the street.

We’re once again linking up with Boiler Room on the 26th March for a night to showcase and shine a light on these diverse, inclusive collectives and the pioneers behind them and broadcast their special flavour of hip-hop to the world. Our line-up features only the creamiest of the local crop who’ll be keeping things nice and bouncy on the night.