18 Summer Cocktails You Can Make At Home With Whisky

Forget what you’ve heard, summer 2020 isn’t cancelled. It’s time to make the most of the ‘staycation-summer’ with some simple summer cocktail recipes that you’ll be able to mix up with your favourite Ballantine’s whisky.

We’ve selected 18 of our favourite summer cocktail recipes, from fruity to fizzy there’s something for every taste. Time to get scrollin’.

Ballantine’s Summer Scotch Whisky Cocktail Strawberry Fix

01 Strawberry Fix Summer Cocktail Recipe

This delicious summer cocktail is perfect for freshening up a hot day with the sweetness of strawberry. It’s also super simple to make, but you don’t need to tell anyone else that ;-)

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02 Frozen Blood and Sand Summer Cocktail Recipe

Whilst the name might seem intimidating, the recipe for this summer serve is anything but. This frozen treat is a simple yet impressive summer cocktail that mixes the zest of fresh blood oranges with the honey sweetness of our Ballantine’s 12 Year Old.

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Ballantine’s Sweet Citrusy Whisky Cocktail Frozen Blood & Sand
Ballantine’s Scotch Whisky Cocktail Sunny Scotland

03 Sunny Scotland Summer Cocktail Recipe

Picture the scene, it’s sunny in Scotland. When that day comes, you’ll be ready and armed with the recipe for this raspberry rich and simple to mix summer cocktail.

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04 Aperballa Spritz Summer Cocktail Recipe

Let this simple spritz transport you from your kitchen to a sunkissed summer holiday in just a sip. There’s only three steps to success with this one - then add a slice of lemon to garnish and you’ll look like a cocktail pro.

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Ballantine’s Scotch Whisky Cocktail Aperballa Spritz
Ballantine’s Summer Whisky Cocktail Honey Bubble

05 Honey Bubble Summer Cocktail Recipe

If a little summer sophistication is your thing, then the Honey Bubble is the perfect recipe for you. Honey, prosecco and little twist of lemon - stir it up and start the party.

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06 Summer Pitcher Summer Cocktail Recipe

Looking for a summer cocktail you can mix by the pitcher? Well this recipe is pitchin’. With the classic combination of lemon soda and Ballantine’s Finest, grab a jug and get to mixin’!

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Ballantine’s Scotch Whisky Cocktail Summer Pitcher
Ballantine’s Tropical Whisky Cocktail Coconut Delight

07 Coconut Delight Summer Cocktail Recipe

Nothing says serious summer vibes like a coconut infused cocktail. This fruity favourite made with coconut water, orange juice and Ballantine’s Finest will take you straight to the beach. Now pass the suncream.

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08 Jungle Sour Summer Cocktail Recipe

Sharp, sweet and shaken up - welcome to the jungle (sour). If you like it fresh and tangy, this is the recipe that’ll shake up your summer cocktail repertoire.

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Ballantine’s Summer Whisky Cocktail Jungle Sour
Ballantine’s Summer Whisky Cocktail Finest Fruit Pop

09 Finest Fruit Pop Summer Cocktail Recipe

Let your creativity run wild with this fruity summer cocktail that mixes popsicles, mint and blueberries - it’s an instant upgrade to any summer’s day. Remember, this frozen treat is strictly for adults only.

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10 White Whisky Sangria Summer Cocktail Recipe

Sun, sea, sangria. Oh well, 2 out of 3 ain’t bad. This delicious summer punch recipe mixes the zesty lime and sweet vanilla notes of Ballantine’s Brasil with traditional fruity sangria ingredients.

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Ballantine’s Summer Whisky Cocktail White Whisky Sangria
Ballantine’s Summer Whisky Cocktail Peach Tea Punch

11 Whisky Peach Tea Punch Summer Cocktail Recipe

This one’s a Finest twist on a summertime sweet tea sharing punch. Minty, peachy and guaranteed to cool you and your mates down on a hot day. Serve in a jug or your biggest drinks dispenser and you’ll be the most popular person at the picnic.

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12 Lipsmacker Sorbet Summer Cocktail Recipe

Feel like getting gourmet and really impressing your mates? Our Lipsmacker Sorbet cocktail recipe is guaranteed to turn heads (and smack lips). You’ll need to prepare this one ahead of time but the taste is worth the effort.

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Ballantine’s Sweet Whisky Cocktail Lipsmacker Sorbet
Ballantine’s Exotic Whisky Cocktail Glen Coco

13 Glen Coco Cocktail Recipe

This cool and coconutty cocktail recipe blends a vibrant fusion of Scottish traditions with Brasilian passion, and Ballantine’s Brasil. You go Glen Coco.

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14 The Guadalupe Summer Cocktail Recipe

Pineapple and lemon combine to give this summer cocktail the ultimate tropical hit. Mix it up with Ballantine’s 17 Year Old, the world’s most awarded 17YO blended scotch.

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Ballantine’s Tropical Whisky Cocktail The Guadalupe
Ballantine’s Summer Whisky Cocktail Raspberry Fizz

15 Raspberry Fizz Summer Cocktail Recipe

Grab a highball glass and a muddler to nail the recipe for this beautifully bubbly, sweet summertime drink. Made with our master blender’s personal favourite, the Ballantine’s 12 Year Old.

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16 Flower O Brasil Summer Cocktail Recipe

The most sophisticated summer cocktail on our list, the Flower O Brasil is the drink that’s missing from your instagram feed. Tall, fresh and photogenic, this simple recipe makes the most of the refreshing lime and sweet vanilla notes of Ballantine’s Brasil.

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Ballantine’s Summer Whisky Cocktail Flower O’ Brasil

17 Caipi Brasil Summer Cocktail Recipe

Mix up the taste of sunset in Brazil in a few simple steps. The recipe for our Caipi Brasil cocktail is reminiscent of the classic Caipirinha with a Ballantine’s Brasil twist. This one is the perfect pairing for a lazy summer afternoon.

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18 Brasil Lemonade Summer Cocktail Recipe

We’ve saved the simplest summer serve for last. The Brasil Lemonade is guaranteed to please on a hot day - and you only need 4 ingredients to make it at home for yourself.

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Ballantine’s Lime Whisky Cocktail Brasil & Lemonade

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