Slightly sweet with a touch of vanilla
Perfect for mixing to start the night
The first ever Ballantine’s recipe

Start the night with a Whisky that's stayed true to it's original recipe since 1910.

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Ballantine’s Beirut Edition is a dedication to its people, to its colorful essence, and to the vibrant heart of a mesmerizing city.

A perfect bland inspired by a city, its lights and spirit is given back to its people, so that together we celebrate new beginnings, new journeys and forever cherish life.

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Ballantine’s Finest Lebanon Edition was created especially to reflect the history and incredible unique vibe of our country.
Our bottle is giving homage to a country of heritage and a land that bore witness to the rise and fall of empires;
A grand spirit of mystical stories of the past and a driven creator of modern times to come.

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17 Years

Sweet, fruity and gently spiced
A drink to impress and share with friends
The world's first and most awarded 17YO blended Scotch

An impressive blend of whiskies aged 17 years and over that's perfect for sharing with friends.

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12 Years

Creamy with a honey-like sweetness
Try it on the rocks or with a splash of soda
Our master blender’s personal favourite

A honey sweet blend of whiskies aged 12 years and over

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21 Years

Intense and rich with a smooth spice
An indulgent drink for celebrating a special occasion
The rich, spiced flavour owes itself to the high proportion of Whiskies matured in European Oak casks.

A warming blend of whiskies aged 21 years and over with an intense flavour that is truly impressive.

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30 Years

Powerful and luxurious with juicy pear and peach flavours.
Best enjoyed as a reward for something truly outstanding
Some of the rarest whiskies come from distilleries that are no longer in existence.

The ultimate reward. A rich, sweet blend of incredibly rare whiskies aged 30 years and over.

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