For the second stop in our True Music Africa tour with Boiler Room we headed to Cameroon. Where in a country without major label presence, True Music Africa will welcome a new wave of distinct, innovative sounds emerging from the nation’s hottest young independent artists.

22 Mar 2018


On this leg of the tour, we cast a light on the major hotbed of young independent artists that are making waves in the local music scene. We’ve chosen a mix of Cameroon's pioneering artists- original self-starters who all share a hustle mentality to create music they're passionate about.


Meet the artists at the centre of Cameroon's blossoming independent music scene. Featuring Boy TAG, Askia and Locko. All three are ready to take on the world but only on their own terms and by doing it their way.

We were joined by Locko, Askia, Boy TAG and DJ Labastille Premier. Who together, brought a blend of eclectic afro-trap, rap and afro-R&B sounds to the stage.

A secret location and a red-hot lineup, the Douala show was a wild ride through Cameroon’s thriving underground sounds. Get to know the DJs and live acts who set the dance floor alight on the night: