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Sazercac Twist

The classic flavour notes of vanilla and oak pair with some of the most classic of flavours. Ballantine's 17 Year Old has both a richness and complex spicy notes, so naturally works fantastically well in a Sazerac-style serve.


  • 50ml Ballantine's 17
  • Long, thin strips of lemon
  • 300ml Peychaud’s bitters
  • 200ml absinthe
  • 100ml simple syrup
  • 400ml water


For all of our ice, we use the dICE Cube Maker, which is widely available online. This will make 8 large, clear cubes.

  • Cut long, thin strips of lemon. Twist out as much oil out of the peel as possible. Twist into curls and freeze the twists into shape, before placing them into ice moulds and filling with water and freezing overnight.
  • The next step is to infuse them in the flavoured liquid. Add 300ml Peychaud’s bitters, 200ml absinthe and 100ml simple syrup to 400ml water, combine together.
  • Cubes can be placed in the liquid, or the liquid poured over the cubes, as long as they are submerged. This should then be placed back in the freezer for another 24 hours.
  • Place a single ice cube in a tumbler glass and add 50ml of Ballantine’s 17 Year Old.
  • Take your time to sip and savour. As the ice melts, it will accentuate the wonderful flavours of the whisky.
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The whisky

Ballantine’s Scotch Whisky - Ballantine’s 17 Years

Ballantine's 17

Sweet, fruity and gently spiced A drink to impress and share with friends The world's first and most awarded 17YO blended Scotch An impressive blend of whiskies aged 17 years and over that's perfect for sharing with friends.

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