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Honey & Ginger Highball

Honey, orange and rosemary is one of the most classic flavour combinations, and mixing the three with Glenburgie Single Malt felt natural, as it creates a lovely, long highball, with subtle herbaceousness, gentle spice and natural sweetness.


  • 50ml Glenburgie 15YO Single Malt
  • 100ml Soda Water
  • Rosemary - use flowering sprigs if in season
  • 100ml ginger bitters
  • 200ml acacia honey
  • 100ml Absolut vodka
  • 600ml water


For all of our ice, we use the dICE Cube Maker, which is widely available online. This will make 8 large, clear cubes.

  • Place the rosemary facing upwards in the ice moulds before filling with water and freezing overnight.
  • The next step is to infuse them in the flavoured liquid. Add 100ml ginger bitters, 200ml honey and 100ml Absolut vodka to 600ml water. We used local acacia honey, and we recommend everyone to use their own locally sourced version. Dissolve the honey before freezing, simply by stirring, no heat will be required.
  • Cubes can be placed in the liquid, or the liquid poured over the cubes, as long as they are submerged. This should then be placed back in the freezer for another 24 hours.
  • Place two ungarnished cubes, followed by a single garnished cube, in a highball glass. Add 50ml of Glenburgie 15 Year Old Single Malt and top up with 100ml Soda.
  • Take your time to sip and savour. As the ice melts, it will accentuate the wonderful flavours of the whisky.

The whisky

Ballantine’s Scotch Whisky - Glenburgie Single Malt


The Glenburgie Single Malt forms the heart of a Ballantine’s blend, delivering concentrated fruitiness and honeyed sweetness. Perfectly balanced, with aromas of soft red apples and pears, this whisky has a full and velvety texture and a long, round finish Discover one of our best-kept secrets.

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