Cherry Blossom Highball

To stay true to the whisky, it has been lengthened with unflavoured soda to create a classic highball serve. The palate of cloves and cinnamon meant that using a pear flavour combined to make a delicious dessert, while the top notes of florality made the oriental blossoms in the ice a wonderfully suitable garnish.


  • 50ml Miltonduff 15YO Single Malt
  • 100ml Soda Water
  • 500ml crème de poire
  • 500ml water


For all of our ice, we use the dICE Cube Maker, which is widely available online. This will make 8 large, clear cubes.

  • Place the cherry blossom facing to the side of the ice moulds before filling with water and freezing overnight.
  • The next step is to infuse them in the flavoured liquid. Add 500ml crème de poire to 500ml water.
  • Cubes can be placed in the liquid, or the liquid poured over the cubes, as long as they are submerged. This should then be placed back in the freezer for another 24 hours.
  • Place two ungarnished cubes, followed by a single garnished cube, in a highball glass. Add 50ml of Miltonduff 15 Year Old Single Malt and top up with 100ml Soda.
  • Take your time to sip and savour. As the ice melts, it will accentuate the wonderful flavours of the whisky.

The whisky



The Miltonduff Single Malt is the foundation of a Ballantine’s blend, bringing warmth and power. Floral with a subtle hint of cinnamon spice, this whisky is extremely smooth with gentle liquorice flavours and a long, warm finish. Discover one of our best-kept secrets.

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