Clearly, there’s something in the air in Spain as we head back to the motherland of the fiesta for the fourth year in a row with Boiler Room. On the 6th of June, we’ll be touching down in Madrid to celebrate the local explosion of neoperreo scene with a roster full of energy and a blazing selection of sounds from Rico Nasty, Kaydy Cain, Steve Lean & Friends, Asmara, Clara! and Chica Gang.

6 Jun 2019


We're coming live from Madrid for the latest instalment of Boiler Room X Ballantine's True Music, showcasing the full spectrum of amazing music currently booming out of Spanish stereos.

Spain is heating up. And we're not just talking about the weather. There’s a new musical movement exploding through the country, subverting the historically male-dominated culture of reggaeton by reinterpreting the frantic beats and injecting a blend of techno, trap, and jazz. Get ready to get loose with the musical trailblazers moving to a new infectious beat.

On June 6 we’ll be presenting a hot list of local and international artists who will perform at the Boiler Room x Ballantine's True Music event in a top-secret location. We've selected a lineup designed to showcase the new hybrid wave of genres that have been reinforced by the perreo pioneers based in Madrid, the cultural epicenter of the scene. Stepping up to the party will be American perreo pioneer Rico Nasty; Madrid rapper Kaydy Cain; the Spanish producer Steve Lean; Los Angeles club favorite, Asmara; The collective promoter Chica Gang; and the avant-garde Clara! laying down some serious reggaeton funks.

Part of the commitment of Boiler Room and Ballantine's is to elevate the music communities behind the cameras and take a position to help them launch their musical career. We brought together key figures from the perreo community to discover the realities and opportunities within the scene; exploring the music culture in Madrid, the renegotiation and recovery of genres such as reggaeton and the nature of local collaborative styles.

The film shows people from all over the Hispanic world who are migrating to be part of this exciting movement that includes the Andalusian reggaeton artist Bea Pelea; to the singer Mrs. Nina; to the DJ and collective promoter Chica Gang; the DJ based in Madrid, owner of clubs and promoter, Andrea Vandall; and the club owner of the LGBTQI Perreo club, Valle Eléctrico. Get ready to lock in when we release the film on the 28th May.