Here at Ballantine’s we believe that music has the power to cross borders, transcend language and bring people together. It’s the ultimate connecting force.
For many of us, our relationship to music is both a personal yet universal one. We’ve all had moments of deep connections thanks to music: bonding over a hidden track, running to be the first fan to be center-stage, curating a special playlist for that special someone. There are as many stories as there are songs in the history of music.
Our new documentary series shines a spotlight on the authentic and deeply personal connections made through True Music. Telling the unexpected, and sometimes funny stories of artists through the eyes of fans and what happens when they took musical experiences from URLs to IRLs.


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South African house legends, Black Motion describes their music as a journey, with their fans as the people that move and bounce along to the path of percussion and energetic house. In our first episode of the series, we set out to discover what happens at the intersection of when artists meet the fans and what music means to them as creators and lovers of music.

A True Music Story: Poland

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NWA and Kendrick bought you the stories from the struggles of Compton. Over on the East side, there’s no escaping Biggie’s legacy. In our second documentary, we reach further east to the southern districts of Warsaw to bring you a European flavour of hip-hop. Watch co-creator and icon of the Polish local scene, Pezet as he takes us through his personal journey of crafting lyrics that break boundaries for true connections amongst his fans.

A True Music Story: China

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Check those stereotypes behind as we journey to China for our next documentary. As a new wave of Chinese reggae music rises (what did we say about stereotypes?) bands like Kawa offers young, ‘plugged in’ Chinese millennials an alternative, simpler and rewarding experience of life outside the big city. Battling against commercialism of mainstream music and consumerism, this is the stay true story about coming together to fight for a simpler, purer lifestyle and outlook in a nation that is changing at warp speed.