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True Music Egypt Celebrates artists that do it their way. Whether they are just starting out or already global stars. They aren't in it for the glitz and glamour, but simply to make the music which they truly believe in, for them as artists, and you, their fans.

Over the past few years we've partnered with the most talented underground music DJs, with a simple mission - showcase & spotlight the most credible music scenes & stories from Egypt.

We’ve started a movement to take a stand for True Music. Music born from passion, not compromise. We’ve got some exciting plans in the works to promote fearless artists, to move music forward together.

Check out what we've been up to below. Cheers.

Ballantine's BACK2BACK Egypt

Eight DJs, one Winner! In the biggest and busiest venue in the North Coast, eight of Egypt’s hottest and most talented local DJs kept people on their feet while battling back2back in pairs for 3 different rounds.


Balqeis X The Meteor Project - Ouds in Space

True Music created through true beliefs and not what is supposed to please the crowds and be commercial. So what happens when you bring together two very unique and different talents in completely different spectrums of music genres? A perfect blend of True Music!



All the way from the Ukraine to Cairo’s Unicorn Garden! In November 2019, the iconic Boiler Room party was brought to the heart of Cairo, where all Egyptian Boiler Room and Electronic music fans gathered eagerly to enjoy an awesome live mirroring party.

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Green House - Live Session

Always celebrating and supporting local artists who do it their way, Ballantine’s True Music brought us exclusively hot tracks to add some awesome tunes to our quarantine!