Moscow saw us raving in sub-zero freezing conditions, Lebanon was nothing short of a dance-floor frenzy and Brazil was a re-imagination of the term Fiesta. And now, we're heading to Valencia on the 26th July. Expect a diverse line-up of local and international talent bringing some truly unstoppable grooves, as we continue our exploratory journey of what happens when acoustic and electronic music collide. This is True Music Hybrid Sounds, and this is how we get down.

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26 Jul 2018



London, Berlin and . . .Valencia? Despite not being known as one of the rave capitals of Europe, Valencia has a history of being a prime destination for a unique club sound that dominated this pocket of Spanish coastline in the 80s and early 90s. Dubbed ‘Bacalao’ this local sound was famous for the peerless art of mixing radical genres such as post-punk, new wave, synth pop, gothic rock and the first electronic rock songs we now lovingly call proto-techno. With this unique cultural history in mind, we’re bringing the same philosophy of Bacalao home to Valencia with our show on July 26th, with an impressive and diverse line-up of local and international talent.

At the helm are innovative techno producer KiNK, Spanish hip-hop trio BIG MENU and Barcelona-based RnB singer Kyne, who have collaborated on the creation of an exclusive track for the project. Joining them on the line-up are UK-based neo-soul duo Children of Zeus, Swedish-Hungarian DJ Kornel Kovacs and Detroit techno legends Octave One.

Along with this heavyweight line-up we’re also bringing the fourth True Music Forum, where the cream-of-the-crop industry insiders will discuss the challenges, opportunities and tech-centric cultural phenomenon’s currently affecting the European music landscape in Europe today. Expect eye-opening conversations around AI, social media and digital communities. More info to come- get excited.