For our third installment of True Music Africa, we’re headed to Nairobi, Kenya to broadcast a movement taking over the sound waves in this thriving metropolis.

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10 May 2018



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In Nairobi, DIY truly means Do It Yourself. Meet just a few of the pioneering artists shaping the self-made music scene.

In a city that moves to its own rhythms, a host of local DJ’s, MC’s and Vocalists are paving the way through untrodden realms of music to bring new energy to the local electro-scene. As a result of a current digital boom in Kenya, Nairobi is witnessing a full bloom of creative awakening. A rise and push in start-ups and entrepreneurship across fashion, art, and music where this new technological generation is really making its mark.

As this scene develops, so does a tectonic push in creating a new unique sound, one instantly recognisable as Kenyan. Introducing #NuNairobi, a technicolour musical frenzy with a sound that cuts across rap-fused electronica, R&B and club sounds. Not content with rehashing clichèd Western musical ideals, the producers and music-makers in the country are instead pushing the boundaries on electronic production, weaving in traditional roots to create something you’re guaranteed not to have heard before.

With Boiler Room, we hero-ed the country’s finest trailblazers and unique music hustlers with a party and streamed it live to the world. Catch all the sets here to watch the musical revolution from Kenya’s finest artists: