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Get ready to ride the waves of Poland's finest high-energy electro as we land in Krakow for our next Boiler Room x Ballantine’s party. As part of our Take a Stand for True Music tour, we'll be exploring the DIY party attitude of the locals and broadcasting it to the masses as we continue to support artists, fans, crews, and global music communities in the areas that need it most.

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25 Apr 2019



We're coming live from Krakow for the latest instalment of Boiler Room X Ballantine's True Music. Featuring an all star techno line-up of Poland's most exciting new names and some BR favourites, with sets from Private Press, Olivia, SHXCXCHCXSH, Martyn & Fjaak.

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You wouldn’t be totally wrong for thinking that Krakow’s best known as one of Europe’s top destination for stags and hens. But you wouldn’t be totally right either. This tiny metropolis houses an underground scene that’s been doing DIY music communities since the wind brought in Berlin beats in the early 90s.

For a city where electronic music barely existed pre-1989, Krakow is fast turning into the beating pulse of modern Polish music. Along with Boiler Room, we spent some time with the major players in this small-knit community, to really get under the skin of what’s happening on and off the dance floor. We heard about the cyclical pattern of how students, limited by a lack of funds, are reluctant to shell out cash for entrance fees. At the same time, tourists prioritise bars and pubs over underground clubs.

As a result, underground nights have become less frequent as promoters and venues are not willing to take risks on booking emerging names that might not attract the crowds, and simultaneously cannot afford to repeatedly book international artists.

In a bid to start breaking this pattern, the True Music Showcase will – as always - be free to attend and aims to shine a spotlight on homegrown DJs Olivia and Private Press, alongside a number of bigger international artists. Get to know the full line up below and join us on the 26th April for a full-throttle ride across the dance floor:

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