Get ready to party to some top-class Ghanaian sounds as we touch down in Accra on the 23rd March. Spotlighting the most exciting young independent artists who live and breathe the entrepreneurial spirit that has defined the continent's underground music scene. We've hand-picked a line-up of key innovators of the booming music scene, demonstrating a commitment to creating their sound and style exactly how they want to, without compromise.

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23 Mar 2019 - 24 Mar 2019



Accra: a city that has long been known for its exquisite riot of creative, experimental musicians and producers, is now getting a spotlight shone on its unique scene thanks to their influential West African sounds. Popular for their characteristic swagger-laden rhythms, up-tempo beats, joyful lyrics and all around good vibes, Ghana’s music is taking over radio waves and filling dance halls around the world.

Music that leans towards the frenetic but always playful, is the sound of innovation at its best. Artists are continually experimenting with different touch points of West Africa’s musical heritage to create new, unique flavours that thrive from the ground up.

This is the scene we’ll be taking to a global stage with our party on the 23rd March. Join the millions around the world tuning into the show via our livestream, showcasing a killer line-up of exciting artists from Ghana’s buzzing hip-hop, trap and rap scenes.


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Ghana is a hotbed of musical innovation right now. Meet some of the country’s rising talents in King Promise, La Même Gang and Amaarae as we visit Accra for the latest True Music Africa documentary.