Ballantine's x BeatHotel Ballantine's x BeatHotel

Prepare for some serious deep tribal beats and pure party rhythms as we take True Music Africa to Morocco. You'll find us on the 29th April living out the full Eat, Drink, Dance mantra of Glastonbury's Beat Hotel at their new 4-day festival for howling spirits and curious minds.

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29 Mar 2019 - 31 Mar 2019



Expect a different kind of heat with as we set up shop beneath the Atlas mountains. We'll have a full stage to play on and we're bringing True Music Africa alumni Coco-Em and Kat Le Kat with us. Also stepping up to the stage to bring unforgettable vibes will be London-based South African Phonox resident Esa, who will take the stage with vocalist Mim Suleiman. Independent African music label, Awesome Tapes from Africa, and Casablanca record label, Casa Voyager will also be lighting up the party to lay down some straight up funky tunes from across the continent. Check out the full details below:

Join us as we broadcast to the world on Worldwide FM and livestream the whole show, right here on the world wide web.

Watch here:

Coco Em

Kat La Kat

Awesome Tapes from Africa

Casa Voyager

Esa & Mim Suleiman