This, is a public service announcement. As our Master Blender Sandy Hyslop says, the best way to enjoy Ballantine’s Scotch is how you like. That’s it. He puts it down to the balanced, sweet and light flavour profile of our finest blend that makes it so easy to drink. So whether you’re a neat freak or a mixing maestro, staying true to your taste is really the best way to enjoy our Scotch.

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Still finding your whisky way? No problem. Part of the fun is experimenting. That’s why we’re on a mission to shake up the whisky world by challenging Scotch lovers to come up with their own ways to enjoy Ballantine’s. Scroll on below to see some fresh drinkspiration:

Feeling inspired? Get ready to ice up, pour out the good stuff and find your whisky way of enjoying Ballantine’s with more drink recipes here

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